Monday, July 24, 2006

WWKD (What would Kinski do?)

Here we have the opening scene of Werner Herzog's documentary My Best Fiend, about his tumultuous friendship and legendary collaborations with nutty actor Klaus Kinski, with whom he made five films, including the masterpiece Aguirre: The Wrath of God. The film is full of wild (and perhaps wildly embellished) stories of Herzog's and Kinski's periodic threats against each others' lives on their near-catastrophic film shoots. This footage is taken from Kinski's self-explanatory "I am Jesus" tour in the early 70's, where people would fill theatres throughout Germany to hear him rant and rave. His autobiography Kinski: Uncut (formerly titled All I Need is Love) is another singularly loopy read, filled with accounts of his alleged thousands of sexual exploits and lots of venomous rants against Herzog -- who later admitted the two of them sat around Kinski's house thinking of horrible things the actor could say about him to sell more books.

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