Monday, July 31, 2006

No sulphur for you, Bush!

Here's quite an interesting article about a possible "escape plan" for global warming devised by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, should the leaders of the international community (gee, I wonder which ones?) fail to act in time to avert massive ecological disaster, as will likely be the case. Distributing sulphur into the air through hot air balloons? Perfect. Sounds great. Side effects? No problem. Alls I knows is I don't want to have to outrun frost like in The Day After Tomorrow (a movie only slightly less scientifically accurate than The Animal).

UPDATE: Stop the presses! Here's an article that says invisibility might be possible at some point in the future. Holy shit, people, this is the answer to our frost problem. Don't you see? If you're invisible the frost will pass right over you, thinking you're just a bubble of air pressure. You'll be able to move anywhere you want without freezing. IT'S SCIENCE! GET A BRAIN, MORANS!

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