Friday, June 02, 2006

Our only thought is to entertain you.

Hello, select groups of people I know and random disappointed googlers. Welcome to my new "blog," a term which the always-factually-accurate New York Times defined in a May 2006 "business trends" article as "slightly tweaked message board posting, usually concerning duck fat recipes." Beginning quite soon, I'll be posting random musings on torturous minutae when the mood strikes, as well as what might generously be called "amateur" humour (yes, spelled the European way, to hopefully attract Graham Norton fans). Also, if you're put off by self-deprecation you might want to stop reading and see if "Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith" is on ESPN2 or something. However, I invite all of you to come along with me on a pedestrian travelling metaphor. Along the way, we just might learn a few things about each other. For instance, I like chocolate a lot. How about you? Uh huh.... uh huh... wow, that is creepy. Ugh. What are you, Larry Clark or something? But forget all that for now, and let's have some fun (?).


Anonymous said...

although i'm glad that you are posting and that you are the official king of mixed cd's i cannot read your wonderful blog without highlighting the damn thing because the colour (yes, i used a 'u'- what of it?!) is too bleak against the background. i suggest black on white. let your wordage do the f-ing, C-lowe.


MKD said...

I can see it just fine.

Yay blogspot!