Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Other, Other Newest One

Sonic Youth’s gig Thursday night @ the 9:30 Club will kick off my probably limited summer music itinerary this year, followed by Mission of Burma in July, maybe the Boredoms and Lightning Bolt in Philly on June 30, a couple other things here and there, and oh yeah, the Germs at the Black Cat, August 5. Ah, to be young and alive here in the year 1980. So what does everyone think of that new Ted Knight show, Too Close For Comfort? Oh and how about ‘nem Phillies, huh? I can’t wait to see them clobbered in the World Series. Wait, what? It’s not 1980? Then how the fuck can "the Germs” be playing a show when Darby Crash died nearly 26 years ago, one day before the death of John Lennon (who some music lovers still consider to be “the fifth Beatle”)?!?

The answer is, Darby’s place on vocals will be filled by – no shit, for anyone just now hearing about this - “ER” actor Shane West, who’s playing Darby in the forthcoming Germs biopic. WFMU's Brian Turner posted a detailed rundown of this more classically handsome line-up's New York show back in December here. This is such a transparently ridiculous idea for a reunion tour that I can't not check it out. At least the rest of the band (I don't know about West) seems to be pretty much acknowledging as much and having a laugh at the absurdity of it all. In any case, I'm betting that this will be only the third most successful instance of a past or present "ER" cast member joining an established rock band, following Anthony Edwards' brief turn replacing drummer Dan Peters in Mudhoney and George Clooney's legendary early days serving as Morris Day's on-stage valet in the Time. Oh, and Noah Wyle's granny is rumoured to have once spent a 36-hour stint playing bongos for The Fall, but technically that doesn't count.

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