Monday, June 05, 2006

It's 6-6-06...

That must mean it's "National 'Reign In Blood' is the Only Slayer Album I Need to Own Day!"

(Above: metal gods Slayer)

I don't think I'm sufficiently evil enough to get worked up for this occasion. I mean, I'm basically a good guy. I pay taxes. I drink soy milk. During the holidays I even donate hairdryers to chubby orphans. But really, if Halloween is like Christmas for goth kids than I guess today is like Valentine's Day. Only instead of greeting cards, advertisers are pushing a crappy "Omen" remake, a new Ann Coulter book, and Whole Foods' new line of Anton LaVey Veggie Chips. Man, who's going to step up to the plate for Satan and decry all this commercialization, Linus-style ("That's what the mark of the beast is all about, Charlie Brown")?

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MKD said...

Happy Devil's Valentine's Day!