Friday, June 08, 2007

"You don't need a gynecologist to know which way the wind blows."

My only Sopranos prediction: Since Tony fell asleep at the end, this week opens with a dream sequence. I hope he gets slapped by a monk again.

I had some more I was going to post about the show, but I'm just too preoccupied this week. As usual though, there's analysis of even the most minute symbolism all over the web ("Does AJ watching Metalocalypse in the psych ward foreshadow a classic rock apocalypse for Tony?"), with the best coming from The House Next Door and Alan Sepinwall (and a belated thanks to the latter for linking to my "Russian theory" a couple of months ago). It's also worth reading the TV Club at Slate just to discover that Brian Williams from NBC News is an obsessive Sopranos fan who even singled out the stuntwoman who fell down the steps last week by name. Unfortunately though, he's also extremely fond of Meadow. If that's not reason enough to switch to Katie Couric I don't know what is.

Oh, and by far my favorite use of music in the series' run: The Stones' Voodoo Lounge-era "Thru and Thru," w/ Keef singing, during the season 2 closing montage. "Evidently Chickentown" by John Cooper Clarke was a late contender this year, and hearing "When the Music's Over" at the Bing last week prompted me to drag that song out for the first time since high school.


BayonneMike said...

I didn't realize that another Tindersticks song was used in last week's episode. Chase must be a big fan. I really enjoyed when he previously used Tiny Tears.

Chris said...

Yeah, it was the instrumental over the credits.

I have a pretty good idea what song Chase will use over the finale's credits, which I will reveal tonight when I get home.